Manchester United squad in 2008

2008 Manchester United squad

Manchester United squad photo 2008.
2008 Manchester United squad

Except Cristiano Ronaldo, the UCL winning squad of 2007/08 has all retired from football. Only cristiano Ronaldo is the active footballer from the 2008 Manchester United squad. The squad which led Manchester United to lift their 3rd champions league title, had togetherly won many titles and made Manchester United one of the best team of world. As a football fan, it hurts not to see these gem of football retiring one after another. Recently the English forward and ex Red Devil Wayne Rooney retired from footballing world. Wayne Rooney was the main man for Manchester United on those days. He won so many titles with Manchester United. Rooney spent his valuable 10 years in Manchester United being second top scorer of Premier League. Carlos Tevez is also heading towards retirement.

Wayne Rooney as a manager for Derby Country ( third last man to retire from 2008 Manchester United Squad)

From 2008 Manchester United sqaud, Wayne Rooney is the third last man to retire. Wayne Rooney after spending an influential career, is now managing Derby Country. Derby country recently appointed Wayne Rooney as the head coach of the club. Fans are desperate to see the best managerial career from one of the best player of Premier League. The heroes of English football are taking the role of manager one after another. Steven Gerrard is managing Rangers. Wayne Rooney is managing Derby country while Frank Lampard is the head coach of Chelsea FC.

Cristiano Ronaldo became top scorer in football history

From 2008 Manchester United squad, Ronaldo is yet to retire from football. He turns 36 years this February 5.Meanwhile, Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 760 goals so far in his footballing career. Cristiano Ronaldo has become the all time top scorer in the football history. Scoring 760th goal of his career against Napoli in the Italian super cup final, Ronaldo register record in his name. Cristiano Ronaldo lifted his 4th title with Juventus last night defeating Napoli with 2-0. Ronaldo scored the first goal which helped in sealing the victory for Juventus. With that goal Ronaldo surpassed the Josep Bican’s record of 759 goals.

Cristiano Ronaldo For Club and Country

  • Sporting – 5
  • Manchester United – 118
  • Real Madrid – 450
  • Juventus – 85*
  • Portugal – 102*

Total – 760* so far

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