Abdullah Almutairi

Abdullah Almutairi was the coach of Nepal national football team coach. As Abdullah said, he is resigning due to the senior vice president Pankaj Nembang. Moreover, Almutairi is dragged upon the useless issue by Bibha Thapa. director of MeroKhel (Nepali Sports Media with 16k Facebook Likes).

Abdullah Almutairi posted on Facebook, “Dear Nepali Fans, I’m going to ANFA to resign and my resign because of the senior vice president. In the last 3 weeks, every day he makes drama to me. I hope you feel happy now Pankaj Nembang.”

Abdullah Almutairi
Abdullah Almutairi

Abdullah Almutairi Nepal Football Coach Caught Smoking

The media with 16k Facebook likes MeroKhel.com caught Abdullah Almutairi smoking outside of the training ground. And, the same media Merokhel is making the issue more violent. In response to the personal questions, Abdullah answered in his own style. Now, the director of MeroKhel.com, Bibha Thapa is making an issue. She had recently filed a case upon Nepal national football team coach Abdullah Almutairi. Moreover, she has claimed that Almutairi should apologize and take back his words. It seems like the media is seeking attention and wants to take personal revenge on Abdullah. So, is it fair enough to make this an issue? That too with own’s national team coach?

Bibha Thapa disrespecting Abdullah
Bibha Thapa
Bibha Thapa’s FB post

She has even said that we don’t need progress in football. So, it clearly shows the egoist nature of Bibha Thapa. Moreover, everyone can she just wants attention and wants to show Abdullah Almutairi inferior. Hence, these are the couple of posts that the director of MeroKhel, Bibha Thapa is writing against Almutairi. It looks like the entire media are against their coach, Personally, I feel like this is disgusting and its just the matter of her ego and trying to pull the sack of attention.

Bibha Thapa Journalist Or Attention Seeker Egoist?

Despite supporting the national team, it looks like their team is searching for an issue to make it complicated. Smoking cigarette is not the matter of issue. As we can see many European coaches like Maurizio Sarri, Real Madrid head coach Carlo Ancelotti smoking in the ground too. And, in the case of Almutairi, he has smoked outside of the training camp. So, it is not even the matter to talk. Leave beside the matter of criticism. The media MeroKhel and its director Bibha Thapa are just spreading the hate. So, I think the media wants to gain the attention and show Abdullah Almutairi inferior. Moreover, the egoist nature of Bibha Thapa has pulled the controversy more often.

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