Joan Laporta: New Barcelona President

Joan Laporta wins the election for the post of Barcelona’s president. Laporta is now a new Barcelona president. The FC Barcelona staff and members elected Laporta as their new president. The main agenda of Laporta is to satisfy Messi and keep him in the team. The rumors said that if Laporta had lost the election then Lionel Messi might have moved to a new club.

Joan Laporta: New Barcelona President

Laporta Wins With 58% Majority

As we all know, Covid hit the economy of the club very harshly. And, Josep Bartomeu resigned in October. meanwhile, the election was on the 7th of March. Joan Laporta won the election with 58% of the vote. It’s Laporta’s second time in charge of Barcelona. Laporta had remained the Barcelona president for 7 years, He was in charge from 2003-2010.

Moreover, Joan Laporta used a funda to win the election. He convinced the voters saying he will focus on Messi’s contract. And, try his best to keep the Argentine in the team. Furthermore, he said that they would enjoy the same moment and success alike 2010. As a result, he got the result that he wanted.

Barcelona president Joan Laporta On Messi

Before the election, he had said, “Messi wants to win with Barcelona. I’ll do my best to keep him in the club. There are some clubs really interested in signing him. But, Messi wants to win titles, not just to earn money. ” Joan Laporta added, “He is not a problem for Barcelona. Messi generates a total of 30% of the club’s profit. Thus, I will do my best to keep him in Barcelona.”

Barcelona President Other Candidates

Meanwhile, the other candidates of the election are Victor Font and Toni Freixa. But, it was very tough for Font and Freixa in front of the favourites Joan Laporta. Laporta was favourites to win since the beginning.

Moreover, Font is a member of the club’s board. He received 30% of the votes. Likewise, Freixa is the former spokesperson of the club and he received 9% of the votes.

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Barcelona President Laporta on Lionel Messi ‘s contract.

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