Portugal Euro 2020

Qualification Of Portugal Round Of 16?

So, since the very first match of group stages, the questions are arising about Portugal’s run in this Euro. Well, you know that Portugal is in group F of the tournament. It is called group of death as the power houses like France and Germany are also here. All the teams have played two matches. Now in the last game, every team has a tough fixture. Portugal is facing France while Germany is facing Hungary. So, here you are to know will Portugal proceed to round of 16 or not? Lets look at the points table and we will continue to the main point.

Possibility Of Portugal Round of 16

Points table Group F

So, you saw that till now France is leading the group. Meanwhile, Germany is in second position with three points while Portugal is in third with same points. So, you may question why Portugal is in third position and Germany in second. Here is the answer. (Reference Portugal Round of 16)

If the two teams are tied then to decide the top spot, UEFA has set the following rules to decide the top spot. Here are the list of rules to decide who tops whom. If the two teams of the same group are tied then following things are seen consecutively. Full Group Standings Here.

  • Head to Head results.
  • Goal difference between the tied teams.
  • Most goals scored
  • Most wins
  • Disciplinary action (Yellow card= -1 point and Red card= -3 points)
  • Ranking of the tied teams in FIFA ranking

Probable Group Standings Chances Of Portugal Round Of 16

So, according to this rules Portugal has lost against Germany and ranked third. Now, the last match of Portugal is against France and Germany has schedule against Hungary. Now, the group standings possibilities will be like this if.

Germany beats Hungary and Portugal beats France

Germany will top the group with six points. Portugal will stand second with six points and France will stand third with four points. So, Portugal will easily qualify to round of 16, no doubt.

If Portugal beats France then Portugal will qualify standing second. Moreover, France will have 4 points and will qualify. As Finland and Ukraine ( finished third from Group B and C) have three points and only 4 best third teams will proceed to round of 16. So, France will qualify with four points whatever the goal difference will be.

Germany beats Hungary and France beats Portugal

France will top the group with seven points. Germany will stand second with six points and Portugal will stand third with three points.

As result stands like the way I said, Portugal will be third with three points. Finland and Ukraine have three points and goal difference -2 and -1 respectively. If France beats Portugal by 2-0 margin, still Portugal qualifies for round of 16 after having same goal difference with Ukraine. Meanwhile, Ukraine has only scored 4 goals but Portugal has already scored five goals. So, on the basis of most goal scored Portugal will finish ahead of Ukraine and qualifies for round of 16.

France plays draw with Portugal and Germany beats Hungary

Germany will top the group with six points. France will stand second with five points. Meanwhile, Portugal will finish third with four points and qualifies for round of 16.

France plays draw with Portugal and Germany plays draw with Hungary

If all the teams play draw in the final match then the final group standings will be unchanged. It will complete as of now with one points more. So, Portugal will also have four points and will qualify with four points.

Hungary Beats Germany And France Beats Portugal

If Hungary beats Germany and France beats Portugal then Frances finishes first with seven points. Moreover, Hungary finishes second with four points. Meanwhile, Germany finishes third with three points and Portugal finishes last with three points. If Hungary beats Germany by 2-0 margin, Ukraine qualifies after having same goal difference and same goals scored with Germany. Ukraine will be ahead Germany on the basis of disciplinary action.

Hungary Beats Germany And Portugal Beats France

If Hungary beats Germany and Portugal beats France, Portugal finishes group with six points. Meanwhile, France will finish second if Hungary beats Germany by small margin i.e. 1 or 2 then France will finish second and Hungary will finish third. But, Hungary will qualify and Germany will be fourth.

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