David Alaba to Real Madrid

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David Alaba is one of the finest modern central defenders out there. He ranks high among the best defenders of the modern era. He is a highly decorated player who has amassed a whopping ?? ???????? in his 10 year spell at FC Bayern München. From winning 9 German Bundesliga titles to winning tournaments such as the UEFA Champions League, FIFA Club World Cup among others.

David Alaba has had a very successful and decorated career at Bayern Munich. At just 28, he has already established himself as a player who has won it all. He is a very versatile player who can play as a central midfielder, left back and in the central defence. It was very surprising to see the smooth transition of Alaba into a central defender as he used to primarily play as a full back for the Bavarians. With the arrival of Alphonso Davies, Alaba had formed a great partnership with the Canadian international. Davies’ ability to involve himself totally in the attack was easily (stress the word) covered up by David Alaba. With Alaba at the heart of the defence, Davies didn’t have to worry being caught out of position. We can safely conclude that David Alaba is a highly talented and hardworking professional.

Is David Alaba to Real Madrid possible?

Well, we have to analyse this from two angles. The positive and the negative. Talking about the positive, the arrival of Alaba may solve a wide range of problems in our defence. Arguably, Sergio Ramos isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Yet let us be realistic, we can’t keep playing Sergio Ramos and stress him out. His fitness and his highly improved discipline is what keeps us achieving. Without Sergio Ramos, we are too vulnerable at the back. Raphaël Varane’s been losing momentum.

We have to take a deep breath, close our eyes and admit the bitter truth. Varane is the type of player who is like a Brazilian. Peak at a very early age, achieve the best of the best and slow down early. His pairing with Eder Militao hasn’t been great either. Militao has been good so far in all of his matches. Yet Varane and Militao don’t look comfortable playing together. Our backup player Nacho Fernández Iglesias has lost it. His lack of gametime and ageing has caused him lack of confidence which in turn has depleted his performance. We need someone like David Alaba who can offer us confidence in the defence. He is a player who can be trusted upon. Alaba’s inclusion will provide a safe breathing space for the full backs to keep pressing up high and not worry about tracking back.

But what is the negative?

His transfer fees may be -nil- , yet what stands out as the cons is the WHOPPING HIGH WAGES! €20 MILLION ! That’s a crazy sum. The reason why Bayern have refused to pay this sum to Alaba is because of the fact that even their highest earning player, Robert Lewandowski earns €19.5 million. At our club, the highest earner is Eden Hazard who earns €20 million. Our defenders’ average salary is lesser than €10 million. Ramos stands out of this circle as his salary is €15 million and there’s a reason behind this as he is the captain of the club and a long servant too. If Alaba arrives, there’s a good chance that there’ll a loss of morale in the dressing room if the player’s quoted wages are provided to him. Now is this a possibility? Well no! Real Madrid’s management isn’t working towards that. They have a plan of their own. And this plan is to procure Kylian Mbappé, Erling Haaland, Camavinga and other players. Alaba is not a player on their wishlist. He isn’t a priority. This is a rumour that has risen out of the blue.

Why would we go for an unexpected transfer like this? Won’t this seem like a panic signing? Does Zizou fancy the Austrian’s arrival? There are a lot of questions that are running on every Madridista’s minds right now. Only time will tell….

Yet what is my take on this?
I am happy to see the Austrian being linked with our club yet I do not think that this will be a good transfer unless Alaba is willing to sacrifice his wage demands and not fill our wage bill which is already in excess of €175 million.

Will you be happy to see David Alaba as a Real Madrid C.F. player?

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