Euro Cup Golden Boot

Cristiano Ronaldo or Patrick Schick For Golden Boot Euro 2020?

So, there are clearly two top scorers in Euro 2020 till now. Hence, it becomes the matter of concern that who might get the golden boot in the Euro 2020. Currently, Cristiano Ronaldo and Patrick Schick have five goals each in the tournament. So, you may be thinking that there are two top scorers and who might get the golden boot in the Euro Cup 2020. Clearly, UEFA has announced that the players with more assists is eligible to receive the golden boot award in Euro 2020. Previously, UEFA was providing Euro Cup golden shoe to all the joint top scorers.

So, there is a high chance of Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo to get the golden boot of Euro Cup 2020. Following him is Patrick Schick of Czech Republic. He too has scored 5 goals in the tournament. But, Cristiano will finish ahead of him because Ronaldo has more assists than Schick. Schick doesn’t have any assists. So, if Harry Kane does not score a brace in the final then Cristiano Ronaldo will win Euro Cup golden shoe.

Euro Cup Golden Boot
Euro Cup 2020 Golden Shoe Race

Basis On Which Players Receive Euro Golden Shoe

Well, firstly, the number of goals determine who is going to receive the award. As you know well, golden boot is provided totally on the basis of score in world cup or Euro Cup. And, if the two or more players have same number of goals then UEFA will see the following criteria.

  1. Number of Assists
  2. Minutes played in the tournament

Who Can Quench The Golden Boot Of Euro Cup ?

So, in the Euro Cup 2020 Cristiano has scored five goals and assisted one time. Meanwhile, Patrick Schick has also scored five goals but he has zero assists in his name. Hence, Cristiano stands ahead of Patrick Schick in the golden boot race in Euro Cup 2020. But, as we know all that the final is yet to play. And, Harry Kane is also in the golden boot race of Euro Cup 2020. He has altogether 4 goals. Meanwhile, he doesn’t have any assists so far. On the other hand, his teammate Raheem Sterling is still in the race with 3 goals and 1 assist. But, it seems tough for Sterling to quench the golden boot at Euro Cup 2020.

On the other hand, Italian forward Ciro Immobile and midfielder Manuel Locatelli have two goals each. But, for Immobile it seems like chewing the iron. But, if we talk about the final scenario, Italy looks so rigid. They are unbeaten in their last more than 30 games.

hence, if Harry Kane manages to score one goal and 2 assists or 2 goals then he will get golden boot in the euro cup 2020. Otherwise, Cristiano Ronaldo will claim the award leaving beside Patrick Schick and Harry Kane. But, scoring against giant Italy isn’t easy for Kane and Sterling.

Top Scorers List In Euro Cup 2020

Here is the list of top scorers list of Euro 2020. And, the possible contenders of golden shoe for euro Cup 2020.

  • Cristiano Ronaldo 5
  • Patrick Schick 5
  • Harry Kane 4
  • Karim Benzema 4
  • Emil Forsberg 4
  • Romelo Lukaku 4

Golden Boot Winners Of Euro Cup Over The Years

Since 1960, 30 players have received the prestigious golden shoe award at the Euros. Lastly, French player Antoine Griezmann have received golden boot at the Euros. In 2016, Griezmann scored 5 goals and claimed the award. Moreover, in 2012, 6 players from 6 different countries got the award. Fernando Torres, Cristiano Ronaldo, Alan Dzagoev, Mario Balotelli, Mario Gomez and Mario Mandzukic received the golden boot.

Moreover, you can get the list of top scorer of Euro Cup 2020 here. So, you can get Full list here.

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