Ansu Fati starts the season 2020/21

Barcelona has made a happy start in La-Liga 2020/21. In the first match day in league. Barcelona faced Villareal as their opponent. Everyone has expected bad performance from Barcelona due to the unmanaged squad and previous performances in the champions league.But the single man Ansu Fati showed some magic.

Fati’s brace gave Barca the victory

But Cules surprised the critics with the excellent result. Barcelona registered a 4-0 victory against Villareal in the Camp Nou. In the Barcelona’s victory youngster Ansu Fahti became the saviour. Young boy Ansu Fati scored brace with Leo Messi scoring a penalty. He won the penalty for Barcelona. Barcelona got one gifted goal from Villareal centre back Pau Torres.

With the pass success ratio of 89%, Barcelona played 611 correct passes and attempted 9 shots in the Villareal post. Winning majority of the ball possesssion Barca seems to come in the form once more.
Fati with his magical performance surprised all the fans and critics. The 16 years old Ansu Fati’s proved that he is the upcoming legend and the heir of Lionel Messi.

Fati and Messi’s impact on game

Messi and Ansu Fati

Messi- Fati duo will be harsh for the opponents. Watching , it looks like the prime Messi is playing in the pitch. If Fati and Messi combo goes on performing like this, this duo will definitely bring some heat in La liga. Not only in LaLiga, he has been the man of excellence but also in the competitive tournament like UCL.

The defending champions Real Madrid has collected 4 points from 2 matches. Real Madrid played goalless draw against Real Sociedad in the very first match of the season. Barcelona have gained important 3 points from one match. Barcelona are benefited as Real Madrid dropped their points .

Youngster Fati debut for Spain

The 17 years old, Spanish international, Fati just scored his debut goal for Spain in the UEFA nations league. In Spanish football history, became the youngest player to score goal for Spain. He scored against Ukraine in the UEFA nations league.

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