FIFA World Cup 2010 Best Moments

FIFA World Cup 2010 is one of the best world cups ever held. South Africa was the first-ever nation to host the most prestigious and the most followed tournament. There were many eye-catching points in the tournament. The world cup winner of the 2010 campaign, Spain, made the record of least goals conceded. Spain became the first-ever team in the world cup history to concede only one goal in the world cup. The Spaniards lost one match in the group stage of FIFA World Cup 2010 against Switzerland in the group stage. They conceded one goal against the Swiss.

Moreover, FIFA World Cup 2010 is famous for the legendary world cup song “Wavin Flag”. Likewise, world-famous singer Shakira’s song “Wakka Wakka” also amazed millions of football fans across the globe. And, the love story of Shakira and Gerrard Pique was another hottest scenario in the FIFA World Cup 2010. Although the love story looks common, it came into the limelight because of an age gap between Shakira and Pique. In fact, Shakira and Pique’s age gap is 10 years.

Some More Interesting Aspects Of FIFA World Cup 2010

1) Tshabala’s Goal Celebration Against Mexico

Tshabalala goal celebration vs Mexico FIFA World Cup 2010

Siphiwe Tshabalala’s goal celebration against Mexico in FIFA World Cup 2010 was one of the most entertaining and fabulous things. It became one of the most viral videos on social media. Siphiwe Tshabalala scored the opening goal of the tournament. Meanwhile, the world was in South Africa. After the Tshabalala,s goal the crowd went mad. It was one of the memories of the FIFA World Cup 2010. And, still, it gives goosebumps whenever we watch the highlights of the video. Furthermore, you can watch the clip of the video here by clicking the Link here.

2) FIFA World Cup 2010 Theme Song “Wavin Flag”

FIFA World Cup 2010 Title Song Wavin Flag

Knan’s song Wavin flag is undoubtedly the best ever world cup song. The song was first written for the people of Somalia for their freedom. Moreover, it became the theme song for the FIFA WC 2010. It was first recorded in 2008. Knan is a Somalian international. He also has the citizenship of Canada. Currently, Knan lives in New York City. The song touched billions of hearts and still, the song is alive in hearts though a decade has been passed. If you want to listen to this legendary song you can get it here. Wavin Flag.

3) Luis Suarez’s Hand Ball

The most attractive part of the FIFA World Cup 2010 was Luis Suarez’s handball. Suarez cleared the ball from the goal line at the 120th minute of the game. After 1-1 equalizer, the match headed into the extra time. At the 120th minute, Ghana made an attempt at the goal. In order to clear the ball, Suarez saved it with the hand. As a result, Suarez was sent off and Ghana was awarded the penalty. Unfortunately, Asamoah missed the last-minute penalty. And, the game headed to the penalty shoot-out. Uruguay won against Ghana and entered the semifinals of the FIFA WC 2010.

4) Andre Iniesta’s Winning Goal vs Netherlands

Andre Iniesta was the hero of the final of the world cup 2010. The final match between Spain and Netherlands was held in Johannesburg, South Africa. The ex Barcelona and Spanish midfielder was the hero of the match. The last-minute (116) stunner from the maestro secured Spain the first world cup title ever. However, Spain had won Euro 2008. Later, they won Euro 2012. But, the magical shot from the world’s finest midfielder is one of the beauties of the FIFA World Cup 2010. And, Andre Iniesta became the first-ever Spanish player to score in the world cup final. Later, the same Spanish side won Euro 2012. Spain is the only team to win back-to-back 3 major international titles.

5) Shakira’s Song “Wakka Wakka”

The Colombian singer Shakira’s song “‘Wakka Wakka” added more beauty to the tournament. The song came into the limelight and started to be on the lips of all the football fans. Shakira banged the opening ceremony with a magical performance. The opening ceremony lasted for 40 minutes on which Shakira performed for 4 minutes.

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