Footballer with most red cards

Top 10 Footballer With Most Red Cards

These are the list of top 10 footballers with most red cards in football history. People often say that Ramos is the player with most red card. But, it is false. Footballers with most red cards.

1) Gerardo Bedoya Colombia 46 red cards

Footballers with most red cards
Gerardo Bedoya ” Footballer with most red cards”

2) Cryil Rool France 27 red cards

3) Sergio Ramos Spain 26 red cards

4) Alexis Ruano Delgado Spain 22 red cards

5) Paolo Montero Uruguay 21 red cards

5) Rafael Marquez Mexico 21 red cards

6) Felipe Melo Brazil 20 red cards

 6) Matteo Contini Italy 20 red cards

7) Fernando Amorebieta Paraguay 19 red cards

8) Pablo Alfaro Spain 18 red cards

Gary Medel Chile 18 red cards

Gerardo Torrado Mexico 18 red cards

9) Deividas Semberas Lithuania 17 red cards

Gonzalo Rodriguez Argentina 17 red cards

Yannick Cahuzac France 17 red cards

10) Philippe Mexes France 16 red cards

Sergio Ramos Is Not At Number 1

Ramos Red Card
Sergio Ramos Red Card

Hence, these are the footballer with the most red cards in football history. Moreover, the most renowned name in the list is Sergio Ramos. There are many articles which has claimed Ramos as the footballer with the most red cards. But, the fact is that he is not even second. Meanwhile, he is at the third position. Whereas, Gerardo Bedoya stands first in the list with 46 red cards. He is the Colombian international. Meanwhile, Cryil Rool of France is in second position with 27 red cards. In fact, Sergio Ramos is just one card away from surpassing Cryil Rool’s record. ( Reference- Footballers With Most Red Cards)

Ramos Red Card

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Footballer With Most Red Cards In Football?

So, if somebody asks you who has got the most red card in football, then confidently say. It’s Gerardo Bedoya from Colombia with 46 red cards. Furthermore, you can say Sergio Ramos stands third with 26 red cards. So, he made total his 26th red card in the game against Manchester City in the UEFA champions league. Hence, Ramos has received total of 26 red cards which is twenty than that of Gerard Bedoya. ( Reference- Footballer With Most Red Cards)

Ramos red card
Sergio Ramos red card vs Manchester City

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