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Losing a player like Eden Hazard is never ideal at any point of the campaign, with the skills and quality. Hazard possess, he can change the game all by himself at any minute of the match. But last year or so hasn’t been very fond on him, the series of injuries at the biggest club of the world, in toughest league on earth certainly doesn’t help. Marcelo is too again left from the starting XI.

Talking about Marcelo M12, he also doesn’t seem to not enjoy the best years of his professional career. From last two seasons, he has been benched by Sergio Reguilón and Ferland Mendy under Solari and Zidane respectively which clearly shows that he has turned into an 2nd choice LB for Real Madrid C.F.. Main reason for Marcelo’s slip from 1st choice LB to 2nd choice LB has been his average defensive performance.

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His heatmap of 2018/19 LaLiga campaign (given in the 3rd pic) clearly shows that he loves the free role, he performs the best when given the freedom to move anywhere on the pitch. Looking at his heatmap one can clearly observe that he likes to move central when in possesion. His gameplay consist of moving wide down the touchline in order to collect the ball from the fullbacks or CBs and then moving inside to dribble through opponents trying to make a killer pass or passing the ball wide to fullbacks (when given no space to operate) who gets dragged forward to maintain the highline.

In Hazard’s case it’s almost necessary for a fullback to stay advanced down the touchline allowing Hazard to be more central when in possesion. This gives the team huge advantage offensively, having one man extra man to attack. But as we say, every thing in this world has two sides :- Negative and Positive.

???????? :- As said earlier, Hazard moving central gives Real Madrid one more man in advanced position, also this result in Benzema moving inside the box with LB having the option to put the cross in.

????????:- On counter attacks the left wing is always vulnerable. Due to the advancement of LB there is always a huge space left behind. Ferland Mendy being quicker and younger manages this problem very well. As we all know Mendy is full of stamina and energy so he handles this regular up-down rule brilliantly. But Marcelo who has his best years behind him often lags behind, resulting in problems for Real Madrid.

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Hazard’s injury means one of Vinicius Jr or Rodrygo Goes playing on LW. Looking at their heat-map one can easily observe the difference in the style of play and defensive contribution put in by them Vs Hazard.

Their (mainly Vinicius) style consist of dropping deep to help the team when not in possesion via collective defensive effort. Also when in possesion they like to stay staying wide and move forward kissing the touchline before starting to cut in just before the 10 yard box.

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It helps the team when they’re facing the counter attack and are in defensive transitions. It gives defensive support to fullbacks resulting in an overall solid defensive block.

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Wingers staying wide means fullbacks being a bit behind, it often leaves the team with only one man in box.

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Vinicius Jr valuable defensive support is one thing that Marcelo will definitely like. Keeping in mind that Vinicius is one of the fastest player of the world right now, Marcelo can go forward (which he certainly prefers) with the insurance of Vinicius who can run all the way down for the team in counter scenario.

Keeping these things in mind, Marcelo could be playing more games in Hazard’s absence than he would have. Also Marcelo’s inclusion can prove to act as key for struggling Real Madrid attack.

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