Joan Laporta on Messi contract with Barcelona

Joan Laporta Promises To Keep Messi

Barcelona faced a humiliating defeat against PSG in the round of 16. This champions league did not go well for Barca.  Speaking to Sky Italia Laporta said, “Messi wants to win with Barcelona. I’ll do my best to keep him in the club. There are some clubs really interested in signing him. But, Messi wants to win titles, not just to earn money. ” Joan Laporta added, “He is not a problem for Barcelona. Messi generates a total of 30% of the club’s profit. Thus, I will do my best to keep him in Barcelona. ”

Who is Joan Laporta?

He is a Spanish politician. And, a candidate for Barcelona’s president post. Laporta had remained the president of FC Barcelona earlier too. He had a good relationship with Messi during his time at the club. To keep the Argentine in the squad is the major agenda of every candidate. In fact, Joan Laporta wants to win the election. Hence, he spoke with the reputed media after the humiliating defeat against PSG. In the interview, he talked about Barcelona’s humiliating defeat. Mostly, he focused on Messi’s issue and contract extension.

Joan Laporta is trying to become the president for the second time for FC Barcelona. Moreover, Laporta had remained the president of Barcelona earlier too. Joan Laporta remained the president for seven years from 2003 to 2010. In his tenure, Barça won two champions league. They won it in 2006 and 2009.

Barcelona vs PSG Match Analysis

Joan Laporta comments Barcelona vs PSG
Barca vs PSG

Last night, Paris Saint Germain beat Barcelona so ruthlessly. In fact, the game seemed to be one-sided. PSG dominated Barca in their own home ground. Moreover, they scored crucial 4 away goals. On the other hand, Kylian Mbappe scored a hattrick against the vulnerable Barca side. On the defeat, Joan Laporta also expressed his views. He said, ” This is not the result everybody wanted. Although, there were many factors behind it. But, we have to seriously think about the current Barcelona. “

The PSG team was out of the world yesterday. Kylian Mbappe almost outpaced everyone on the pitch. Not even single players were able to control the pace of the French super kid.  

Barcelona Presidential Election, Joan Laporta

The election for Barcelona’s president post will be on March 7, 2021. To read more about Barcelona’s presidential election. Laporta CLICK HERE

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