Juventus UCL

Will Juventus play Champions League next season?

Juventus can probably play Europa League next season. They lost to AC Milan 3—0 which prevents the chance of Juventus to qualify for the champions league. Only top 4 team of the league will qualify for the champions league. And, Juventus are currently on 5th position ( 3 point behind AC Milan). And, they have 3 games left to play on the league. If AC Milan, Atalanta don’t drop the points then Juventus will be probably playing Europa league next season 2021/22. Till now, they are not in the top 4 of the Serie A table. Its not in their hand now. If AC Milan and Atalanta drop points in their next fixtures then only they can avoid Europa League. (Article- Juventus UCL qualification)

Juventus UCL qualification
Juventus UCL spot

Will Juventus qualify for UCL? (Juventus UCL)

Juventus currently has 72 points and is in 5th position. And all top 6 have 2 matches remained.

Juve’s next fixtures (72 Points)
vs Inter Milan
vs Bologna

Atalanta’s next fixtures (75 points)
vs Genoa
vs AC Milan

AC Milan’s next fixtures (75 points)
vs Cagliari
vs Atanta

Napoli’s next fixtures ( 73 points)
vs Fiorentina
vs Hellas Verona

The Conditions For Juventus

If Juventus wins their next 2 matches, they will have 78 points and also If Napoli wins 2 matches then Napoli will have 79 points.

As MILAN will face Atalanta and if they share a point and if both have won earlier match then both Atalanta and Milan will have 79 points.

If Atalanta wins both match then they will have 81 points and if Milan wins one of the two then Milan will have 78 points ( They will rank above Juventus on head to head goal difference)

And, if Milan beats Atalanata and Atalanta win one of the two match then they will be above Juventus on head to head points.

Moreover, if Napoli loses drops point in any one the matches and Juventus wins both of the match then Juventus will qualify for champions league spot

And, if Juventus lose one of the matches then will be almost out of the champions league spot. Therefore, its not in Juve’s hand for Juventus UCL spot. (Article- Juventus UCL qualification )

The only Conditions For Juventus UCL Qualification

  • Napoli should lose one match Juventus winning both
  • AC Milan losing both and Juventus winning all
  • Atalanta losing both and Juventus winning all

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