Jack Grealish Manchester City

Jack Grealish To Manchester City

Manchester City bids £100M for the Aston Villa midfielder Jack Grealish. Jack Grealish’s performance in Euro 2020 hyped him more. But, he was showing his worth in Premier League too. The Aston Villa board in a recent interview said that they won’t be selling Grealish in a low transfer fee. Moreover, they added that they are ready to renew the contract of Grealish. Till now, the negotiations has not progressed. There is still four years left in Jack Grealish’s contract. In fact, the contract was signed in the September before the Euros. As there are four years left on the contract, and Grealish is only 25 years old, Villa won’t be letting go Grealish that easily.

On the other hand, Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola admires Jack Grealish and desperately wants him in the Etihad. The 25 years old Villa man dropped some masterclass in the Euro 20020. So, due to a single performance he hit the media and came in the limelight more openly. Pep wants to strengthen the attack of City by signing Harry Kane and Jack Grealish. But, for these two big signings City has to sell the players. It may include players like Sterling, and Gundogan. But, to sign Harry Kane and Jack Grealish, in the same transfer window isn’t that big deal for Sheikh Mansoor. Moreover, Tottenham Hotspurs are have also rejected £100M offer from Manchester City. So, on the current scenario we all can say that the negotiations are going on.

Why Manchester City Want Both?

As we know that the only goal of Manchester City is to win the UCL. And, City has spent more than a billion pound on player’s signing. Lastly, they lost the champions league final against Chelsea. Pep Guardiola has spent so much and isn’t lucky enough to win the UCL. For more years, Manchester City will try for the champions league with Kane and Jack Grealish in the attack. Obviously, the attack will be more dangerous with Harry Kane and Jack Grealish. Lastly, City lost against the French club Lyon and then against Chelsea. However, they managed to reach the final in 2020/21 , they couldn’t managed to beat Tuchel’s Chelsea. Now, the main target is Jack Grealish and Harry Kane of Manchester City.

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