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Why Is Manchester United Board Going Mad On Useless Signing?

When it comes to useless spending and signing, noone comes close to the English club Manchester United. If we see the expenses of United over the past years, we can find useless expenses over the players. Literally, Manchester United are unwise upon player’s selection and signing. The players of worth £20M, Manchester United are paying almost double. The signing of Harry Maguire? The Red Devils paid £79M for Harry Maguire when the world class defenders like Rapahel Varane, Kalido Kaulibaly were available for £60-65M. Moreover, they did the same with Alex Telles. Manchester United bought Alex Telles for the replacement of Luke Shaw when he was having injury prone season. This season they bought Jadon Sancho with the transfer fee of £75M. And, they are a step closer to signing Raphael Varane from Real Madrid.

Is Harry Maguire A Useless Signing For Manchester United?

As we see, the defense of United is not so reliable as compared to others. Despite the huge spending the defense line seems so vulnerable. Specially, Haguire Maguire loses the position and his error leads to goal. If you don’t have consistent defenders, your team should have to pay the cost. As compared to Liverpool’s Van Dijk and Chelsea’s Rudiger and T. Silva, Harry Maguire seems so miserable and  vulnerable. So, can we say that signing of Harry Maguire is useless for Manchester United?

Two years ago, Manchester United signed him from Leicester City with the transfer fee of €87M. Moreover, this was the record breaking signing in the Manchester United history and even football. Harry Maguire became the most expensive defenders then. In fact, it was the most expensive defender transfer in the history of football. Moreover, Harry Maguire became the second highest. Earlier, Virgil Van Dijk was the most expensive defender. Van Dijk was the world’s most expensive defender in 2018 when he joined Liverpool from Southampton with the transfer fee of €84.65M.

United’s Poor Performance Despite Huge Spending

Although United are paying huge sum of money to bring the title home, they are taking home nothing except failure. Only Bruno Fernandes seems to be the quality signing of Manchester United. The £91M man Paul Pogba too hasn’t shown the potential which he has got. Even after so many years on Man United, Pogba looks like he is still not adopted with the game play. And, it feels like he lacks coordination. Mostly, injury has hit Pogba severely. Moreover, the lack of consistency has made Pogba vulnerable. A fit Paul Pogba is worth £91M.

Since the last season, we can clearly see that Bruno is pulling the cart of Manchester single handedly. For Man United, Bruno Fernandes is a key player. Bruno dragged Manchester to the second position in the Premier League table 2020/21. Let’s see how he performs in 2021/22.

The new season starts on the 14th of August. So, we can see what Man United shows this season. Moreover, new signing of Manchester United is Jadon . And, he is the man to see this season. It is the matter of concern that Jadon Sancho will break Manchester United flop signing curse. Its just the matter of time to see who does what. We will see it after the season starts. Bruno Fernandes can cause some real spark. Its obvious and its sure. Furthermore, they have Edinson Cavani and Pogba to boost the squad. Its just matter of time to see what 75M euros signing contribute to Manchester United.

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