Massimiliano Allegri

Massimiliano Allegri had a meeting with Real Madrid this week.

  • He’s in ‘direct contact’ with Real since March.
  • He’ll accept the job in case Real will decide to sign him [Raúl is in the list too].
  • Italian clubs want him but Allegri priority is Real and he’s waiting.
  • There’s still nothing agreed or signed for Real Madrid next manager. Max Allegri is a ‘serious option’, Raúl in the shortlist too in case Zidane will confirm he’s leaving. Florentino will decide soon.
  • Real Madrid will also consider some ‘new entry’ in the board.

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⚪️ | Zidane, Allegri and Real plans

Zinedine Zidane Is Serious To Leaving Real Madrid This Summer ( Massimilano Allegri Can Replace Him)

  • Around Real Madrid board and in the dressing room the feeling is that Zidane will leave. 🔴
  • Nothing has been announced yet… and Florentino Perez is waiting for Zizou official decision at the end of the season.
  • Massimiliano Allegri had a meeting with Real Madrid this week. He’s in ‘direct contact’ with the club since March.
  • Real Madrid president Perez called Massimiliano Allegri three years ago. At that time, Massimiliano Allegri turned the offer down because he had an agreement with Juventus to stay. Now he’d accept Real Madrid job “immediately”.
  • Italian clubs also want Allegri but his priority is Real Madrid. He’s waiting and he’d be ready in case Florentino Perez will decide to appoint him. 👀
  • The decision has NOT been made yet. Florentino Perez has a shortlist with three names in case Zidane will leave the club, Raúl Gonzalez Blanco is among the option as Massimiliano Allegri. Raúl also received a proposal from Eintracht but he’s waiting for Real Madrid decision.
  • At the end of La Liga, Florentino Perez will decide and announce the new Real Madrid project.

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