Nepal vs Jordan

Nepal vs Jordan World Cup Qualifiers

Nepal will face the middle east team Jordan in the second last match of world cup qualifiers of second round. Although, the possibility of Nepal to reach the 3rd round is over, they will try their best for the win. Nepal had conceded 3 against Jordan in the first leg. Now, its the time for Nepal to take the revenge against Jordan. Moreover, Nepal dropped unexpected performance against Iraq last week in a friendly match. Unfortunately, Nepal lost against the host but they showed quite good game as compared to the previous matches. However, Nepal scored 2 against Iraq. Moreover, the game was held in Basra, Iraq. (Nepal vs Jordan)

Everyone witnessed change in Nepal’s game style. Currently Jordan head coach also stated the same. He said, “Nepal has changed its game style and pattern. It is football and anything can happen.” Nepal vs Jordan will be important for Jordan. Jordan wants to collect important three points. On the other hand, Nepal want to win the game. Obviously, it will help Nepal in the Asian qualifiers. Moreover, it will be the test for the Nepalese head coach Abdullah Almutairi. Frequently he has said in the interview that if Nepal loses, fans could blame him not the players. On the fifth match of the world cup qualifiers, Nepal defeated Chinese Taipei. With the win, Nepal has six points from six matches. Nepal had conceded three goals vs Jordan in the first leg. The first leg of the world cup qualifiers was held two years ago.

Nepal vs Jordan world cup qualifiers
Nepal vs Jordan

Remaining Matches

Including this match, Nepal has two games left to play. Nepal is yet to play against Jordan and Australia. And, it will be comparatively difficult for Nepal. Meanwhile, Australia is in 41th position. While Jordan is in 95th position.

Fifth Match Nepal vs Jordan. Venue – Jaber Al-Ahmad International Stadium, Kuwait.

Last/Sixth Match- Nepal vs Australia.

Interestingly, Nepal has both tough fixtures. Nepal had conceded five goals against Australia last year in the first leg of world cup qualifiers. Both the fixtures are tough for Nepal.

“Nepal has changed its game style and pattern. It is football and anything can happen.”

jordan head coach on nepal game style

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