Pep Guardiola chance of winning champions league for manchester city

AlwaysFutbol Nov26, 2020 Pep Guardiola has renewed the contract with the Manchester City. Guardiola and the club has reached an agreement and he will stay in the Etihad Stadium till 2023. Though City had worse season last year, they are doing really a good job in the champions league this season 2020/21. Playing 4/6 matches of the group stage, City has gained 6 points with 10 goals scored conceding just one.

Will this season go well for Pep Guardiola ?

We can see the performance of Manchester City and predict the season as well. The journey of Manchester City in the UEFA champions league has been difficult in the past few years. The inconsistency of the back to back premier league winners has pushed Pep Guardiola into the criticism. They had a very tough season gone last year. Not only in the Premier League but also in the UCL, they faced the bad results. But looking the performances of this season in the champions league, City have an spectacular start to the season. They are unbeaten in the group stages matches so far. The knockout stage or the elimination round of UCL is more challenging for Pep Guardiola. They are currently the group leader in the champions league. Manchester City are in the group C of the UCL group.

What about the Premier League ?

If we talk about the performance of Manchester City in Premier League, its terribly disappointing. They have collected just 12 points in 8 league matches. In the last 5 PL matches, Pep Guardiola has won only 2 of them. It is very bad performance for the club which has squad full of world class players. In addition, to the experience they have the fresh appearances too. Pep Guardiola and Manchester City have to take the full benefits of the talent.

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