Pep Guardiola

| Pep: “We won’t sign strikers”

Talking about transfers and next window, Pep Guardiola has just said in today’s press conference “With the economy in world football now, there’s more chance we are not going to sign a striker this summer”. “With current prices, we are not going to buy any striker. It’s impossible, we can not afford. All clubs struggling financially, us as well”.

Manchester City are not happy with rumours about their club able to spend €150m or €180m for top strikers like Erling Haaland, Harry Kane or Romelu Lukaku… while other top clubs in Europe are struggling.

All these negotiations won’t be easy in the summer and Manchester City want to clarify their plans: they’ll sign a striker only if prices will change and in case of good opportunities on the market. They feel like: “Striker linked to Manchester City means they can pay >€100m for him”, but they’re not prepared to pay enormous fee in this difficult economical situation for all top clubs.

What Pep wanted to mean is: don’t use our name to say “we’re paying €150m, no problem”. Right prices, good opportunities or we’re happy with Gabriel Jesus, Ferran and our talents. Work in progress.

By Saket_Bastola

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