Perez Leaked Audio

Florentino Perez Leaked Audio From El Confidencial

El Confidencial has released another leaked audio of Real Madrid president from 2012. Florentino Perez: “Cristiano’s crazy. This guy is an idiot, a sick man. You think this guy is normal, but he’s not normal. Otherwise, he wouldn’t do all the things he does.” Cristiano and Mourinho are guys with terrible ego. Both spoiled, and they don’t see the reality, because both of them could earn much more money if they were different.””Coentrão is a moron. Moreover, he drives without a license and he is a shit.” This is the leaked audio from Florentino Perez.

Previously, the same media had leaked the audio of Perez on Iker Casillas and Raul Gonzalez. On the audio it said, “Casillas, poor guy, he’s really short, he can’t see well, and you can tell when he’s doing well with his girlfriend or not, he’s like a little puppet, a little boy.” “Remember the Clasico where we were playing the title? Casillas came late to training on Friday, because he was talking to his girlfriend. What a joke, man!” “That girl, Sara Carbonero, Casillas’ girlfriend, I don’t trust her one bit. You know that type of girls, they go crazy for fame and money. That girl thinks she’s a movie star.” “Iker Casillas is like a little dog that you take out for a walk. A puppet, so childish.” ( Reference Florentino Perez leaked Audio ).

What Perez Said About This ?

Florentino Perez leaked audio
Florentino Perez leaked audio

Given the news broadcast in El Confidencial, in which phrases attributed to me are collected. Meanwhile, I think it is necessary to clarify.

The reproduced phrases are pronounced in conversations clandestinely recorded by Mr. José Antonio Abellán who has been trying to sell them for many years without success. It is surprising now that, despite the time that has elapsed, the newspaper El Confidencial collects them today. And, they are leaking the audio today. ( Context Florentino Perez leaked audio)

They are single phrases of conversations taken from the broad context in which they occur.

Let them reproduce now, after so many years have passed since those conversations took place, I understand that it is due to my participation as one of the promoters of the Super League.

I have put the matter in the hands of my lawyers who are studying the possible actions to take.

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