Khelaifi stated that the players didn’t even pick up the phone to discuss about the salary reduction.

As the ligue 1 is canceled due to the COVID-19, the club has asked the players to agree the reduction in the salary. The management of the Paris Saint-Germain pressurize its players to agree the significant reduction in salaries.

According to the newspaper ‘L’Équipe’ published this Friday, the president, Nasser Al-Khelaifi, has raised the voice after his players.

In the spotlight, the captain, Thiago Silva,who had an access of the management, went to Brazil to pass his quarantine. Brazilian doesn’t seem that he want to give up on his salary. Thiago Silva’s contract ends on June 30. He refuses to reduce the million euros gross per month he receives.

Also Thiago Silva does not want to help the management convince other stars of the squad either. Al-Khelaifi does not hide his discontent at the fact that the players do not answer his calls. For now, the PSG footballers are partially unemployed so they only receive 84% of their salary. The management fears that the losses due to the season stoppage will reach 200 millions of euros.

Its being so hard for the PSG board to bring themselves to the conclusion. The league has suffered a heavy loss due to the stoppage of the season due to the pandemic. Its been very difficult for the clubs. They have to return the money of the ticket sale too. As well the management should have to pay the salary of the players too.

Ligue 1 and PSG has nothing to lose as compared to the Premier League. Premier League suffers the disastrous loss of £1.25B if the season got canceled. Top flight football assists nearly £8bn into the UK economy annually. The Premier League players paid more than a billion pounds in tax in 2016/17 season according to the papers.

Currently, the Premier League provides more than 200000 jobs annually which is the part of economical support. More than 700000 people travels UK for watching games. It has the direct impact on the UK’s economy.

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