Thibaut birthday comeback

“Returning to training on my birthday was the best possible present”

Thibaut Courtois

Thibaut Courtois was the special man on Real Madrid Conecta on his 28th birthday. Real Madrid’s wall revealed about the latest news from within the camp and Zidane’s squad’s return to the training.

Courtois said, “To return to training on my birthday is the best gift for me. I was really wanting to get back to it. I had expected it would have resumed soon. It was great and I was really up for it. I hope the things will improve soon so, we can train together and the La Liga returns”.

The team was performing really well before this pandemic. We’re eagerly waiting to get back and fight for the silverware. We can see that everyone’s wanting to get back into the action. We’re going to be certainly the best by the time the first game resumes. We’ll have Marco Asensio and Eden Hazard back in the team. We’ll need everyone if we’re to win things. All of us together, can achieve the pinnacle.”

“Now we have to be self preventive after this deadly pandemic. We have to be careful in the training and must maintain distancing. The protocol you have to follow is with the facemasks and disinfectant, the social distancing. Luckily, we goalkeepers are at a bit of benefit as we always train alone. This will prevent virus in spreading. I’m feeling better after my recovery and the vibes are really good. I’m raring to keep on training and get playing”

Working out at home:

“It’s a bit different at home. The things won’t be same as of official training. I asked for some gym equipment before lockdown. I did some gym and worked for my physiques. Besides gym, I did some goalkeeping works too. During the lockdown, I performed goalkeeping work with one of my friends who was at home. In the lockdown, I trained myself hard with goalkeeping to make sure, I return to training on top form”.

Charity initiatives:

“They’re really important. Charities are the part of society. The whole world is struggling and we’ve to donate to win this disastrous. We’re very lucky to be where we are and to have nice things. In these tough times, we’ve to always help out. As a team, we are going with the initiatives led by Sergio Ramos and Isco Alarcon. I also took part in some online video game tournaments to raise funds. We’ve been helping and mustn’t stop helping.”

Birthday wish:

“I prayed for the good health of those all who are facing the bad times in this pandemic. I wished to continue playing at this level of the game and to keep on winning trophies with Real Madrid. Spanish Super Cup is my first title with Real Madrid and I want to win the La Liga with Real Madrid. There are many more to go and a lot to do with Real Madrid.”

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