For the first time since Real Madrid returned to training, Zinedine Zidane spoke to Real Madrid TV. Zidane give an update on how training is going in Valdebebas. He also told about how preparations are going for after the resumption of the suspended league.

Zidane stated “This week has been very good for all of us and we can work more. Despite training in the small groups, we can do more tactically, physically, technically. Everything is going already. The team looks greater this week and will be much better the coming week. The team is on the verse of being fine to fight for the silverware.”

“I like to train, but I like playing more in the training session with the squad. We have to think wisely because we are lucky to be back at the work. It looks good for me to be here at the training. The players are positive as well and thinks of making it good. There are 11 league matches left and we are going to prepare ourselves to finish the season well and fantastically. We all have to give everything to win the things. We are here at Real Madrid. The DNA is to win the things. We won’t leave a single penny in our effort. The players are also positive towards it and they are preparing well.”

Also Zinedine Zidane revealed how planning and vision has been key to these training sessions:

“I’m happy to work with my players again. We are all together after 60 long days. As we all know, the pandemic hit it severely but now we are all happy to be back at Valdebebas.

We’ve planned a way of working and training by collaborating with the fitness trainers. The players are also happy, at least there is something to do at home. They worked very well and relentlessly. The reason behind the player’s fitness good shape is the effort they spent in the workout and training. Now they are back, which is very important. The players joyful to be able to train. They are enjoying the training, they are happy to be back together. They are doing what they like to do, which is playing football.”

By Saket_Bastola

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