There are lot to talk about Real Madrid and their views on the players. Last week was a busy one for Real Madrid, with full traning. The team began the preparation for the resumption of league in June. There are numerous points to talk about Madrid. Lets begin with the following:-

Initially, only one Norwegian was linked with the return to Real Madrid. Along with Oddegard, his colleague Erling Braut Haaland is linked to Real Madrid.

Can Real Madrid bring the Norwegian boy to Spain?. This is the most frequent and the most inquired questionnaire by any Madridistas up to date. Many big medias filled their front pages with same possiblity filled statements. It is the matter of concern that the newly evolved machine is linked with Real Madrid just after the 6 months of his first transfer.

My gut instinct tells me Madrid are indeed interested. Why wouldn’t they be? He’s just 19. He fits the youth project, he creates the bunches of records and scores the fanatical goals. Haaland would come relatively cheap for his reported €75 million buy-out clause. Long term, it makes sense, but there are short-term issues which make it unnecessary to sign him until the end of next season.

Real Madrid already has three strikers in the team. Zinedine Zidane clearly prefers Karim Benzema, and for all of his inconsistencies, he still remains a pivotal pawn on Zidane’s chess board. The Frenchman has also agreed a new contract up until June 2022.The contract will official at the end of the campaign. If Zidane remains, Benzema is very likely to remain until the end of the 2021-22 campaign.

Let’s assume that in the final season of his contract, Benzema – who will then be 34, there needs a key striker for the team.

Mariano Diaz is likely to leave the club the coming summer. Luka Jovic, who is unable to make his presence in the pitch doesn’t seem to be in Real Madrid till 2022.

The Serbian created a lot of excitement when the club signed him last summer, but the club hasn’t given proper placement in the game. Simply, we can say Zinedine prefers inconsistent Benzema to Jovic. Jovic has only appeared in 15 La Liga games so far this season. Jovic accumulating a total of 399 minutes, scored 2 goals and an assist.

Luka Jovic has appeared in 15 La Liga matches where he started in just 4 matches. The Serbian scored two and assisted a single piece.

When you sign a striker, specifically to compliment your main forward, you have to utilise him. But Zidane, seems to be possessive to Benzema and for that reason, Zidane deserves a lot of criticism.

How can we expect players to turn out to be the best if the coach doesn’t provide opportunity. Here, I don’t want to be the devil advocate, but its my duty to point out the drawbacks. Luka Jovic had shown the mind-blowing and mesmerizing performances when he was in Eintracht Frankfurt. He deserves to be in the playing XI.

Its not only Jovic who has become the bench warmer in Real Madrid, there are many challenging faces. Mariano Diaz is also facing the same problem in Real Madrid. The last time when Mariano played in El Clasico for just a couple of minutes. There he scored a brilliant goal playing just 2 minutes. Zinedine Zidane has to be very fair in the player’s selection for the important matches. Mariano is an attacking player. The game which needs counter attack, Mariano plays vital role there.

Despite, Jovic and Mariano another player facing the same problem is James Rodriguez.

Real Madrid were the club to sign him after witnessing his performance in world cup 2014. Before, he was in Monaco. Carlo Ancelotti, former Real Madrid’s manager was the man behind the signing. On his tenure, James Rodriguez used to have a very good game. After the departure of Ancelloti, Rodriguez kept on ruining.

By Saket_Bastola

I am a content writer for this website . I am watching and analysing football since 2010 and the passion towards it led me to write on the current affairs happening on the footballing world. I am writing and creating the contents since 2017.