Salah Shoulder Training

The upcoming quarter-finals will heat the footballing world for a while. Lastly, Sergio Ramos had forced Mohamed Salah to leave the ground after cracking his shoulder. The Egyptian is now again facing the bull Sergio Ramos. And, he is seen working hard for shoulder exercise in the photo. M. Salah is the key player of Liverpool. Millions of Liverpool fans are waiting for the revenge when Liverpool will defeat Real Madrid badly. In the champions league final 2018/18, Real Madrid had defeated Liverpool badly. Due to the couples of mistake from Karius, Real Madrid defeated the English side easily. With Benzema’s opener and Bale’s brace Real Madrid had sealed the victory over Liverpool. Now, this time the Liverpool has got chance to take the revenge of the previous defeat in the champions league.

Salah and Ramos
Salah Shoulder Exercise

In the photo, we can see Mohamed Salah doing the exercise for his shoulder. Probably, because he fears Sergio Ramos and trying hard to face him. And, on the other photo, we can see Sergio Ramos training with the iron chain. It seems like they are training for the wrestle mania. Anyways, it is gonna be one of the most thrilling quarter-finals. The English defending champions and the Spanish defending champions are now one on one. Now, it’s just a matter of time, we can see who is going to thrash whom. Moreover, it’s gonna be Salah vs Ramos rivalry.

Sergio Ramos Training

The Champions league fixtures you can get in Here.

The quarter finals fixtures are

  • Real Madrid vs Liverpool
  • PSG vs Bayern Munich
  • Porto vs Chelsea
  • Borussia Dortmund vs Manchester City

Salah and Ramos Fight

Salah’s hand got fractured in the champions league final 2017/18. And, Salah went out and missed the UEFA champions league final. You can watch the video here.

Click To Watch The Video Of Salah and Ramos

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