Sergio Ramos leaves Real Madrid for PSG

Sergio Ramos will leave the Real Madrid for PSG

According to El Chiringuito TV, Real Madrid are now convinced that Sergio Ramos will leave the club in summer. The most favourable destination for the Spaniard is Paris Saint Germain. According to the different sources Ramos said that PSG has been offering him a very good deal. So Sergio Ramos leaves Real Madrid if there will be no offer from the president Florentino Perez.

A source has reveled the meeting between Sergio Ramos and the president Florentino Perez. It stated that el capitano presented the president an offer from PSG worth 20m€/year. On that Perez replied that it’s not true as he’s been contact with Naseer. But if it is true then its good for him (Ramos).

Sergio Ramos leaves Real Madrid for PSG
Sergio Ramos to PSG

If the deal happens in the summer then Sergio Ramos will be the last Galactico to leave the club. Florentino Perez had signed Ramos in 2005 with the record breaking defender’s transfer fee of 27M euros. Sergio Ramos has spent 16 years in Real Madrid. He has achieved everything in Real Madrid. If Sergio Ramos leaves the club, it will be the great disaster for Real Madrid. As Real Madrid doesn’t have a reliable centre back, Real Madrid needs Sergio Ramos more than any player.

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Ramos 16 years in Real Madrid

Sergio Ramos journey to become one of the best defender was never easy and comfortable. He struggles a lot to achieve this height. Sergio Ramos has spent 16 years at Real Madrid. In 2005, Real Madrid signed him from Sevilla. Sergio Ramos used to play at the Right Back position on his early days. Slowly, club shifted his position to the centre back in 2009 after Pepe was injured. Ramos didn’t use to play as CB as Real Madrid had Helguera in the earlier days.

In 2010 Ramos was listed in 4 captains list. Till date Sergio Ramos has scored more than 100 goals for Real Madrid. Being a defender and reaching the milestone of 100 goals is absolutely amazing. He scored more goals when he used to play as a right back. Ramos art of defending, last minute goals and tackle made him the best defender of the generation. Sergio Ramos has been included in FIFA PRO world XI eleventh time in his career. It is a record after Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi and a world record for a defender.

Sergio Ramos ” A legend for Real Madrid

Sergio Ramos is already a legend for Real Madrid. The desperation and passion of the captain for Real Madrid is very lofty. After Iker Casillas retired Sergio Ramos was the perfect successor of Real Madrid captaincy. As a captain Sergio Ramos won 4 UEFA champions league. Sergio Ramos is known as Mr. 92:48 after he scored last minute header in UEFA champions league final in 2014 against Atletico Madrid to give Real Madrid a 1-1 equalizer.

Titles Sergio Ramos won with Real Madrid

Sergio Ramos salary 2021

Currently, Sergio Ramos is getting £15M per year which is £0.5M more than of Matthijs De Ligt. The 19 years old Juventus’ centre back is nearly equally paid as of Sergio Ramos. Frankie De Jong is getting £14.3M per year. Sergio Ramos is third highest paid player of Real Madrid ( Eden Hazard getting £20M and Bale getting £18.5M).

Salary of top defenders

Sergio Ramos £15M
Matthijs De Ligt £14.5M
Gerrard Pique £11.24M
Marquinhos £11.5M
Harry Maguire £9.8M
Virgil Van Dijk £9.36M
David Alaba £8.79M
Jordi Alba £8.26M
Raphael Varane £7.2M
Clement Lenglet £5.05M

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