Sergio Ramos To PSG

Sergio Ramos Can Make A Move To PSG After Real Madrid Exit

Ramos said goodbye to Real Madrid after serving for 16 years. In these sixteen yeas, he won 22 titles for Real Madrid. Meanwhile, he is club less and very soon he will join the new club. At this moment, Ramos wants two years contract extension. Many clubs are interested to sign the Spaniard. Basically, Manchester City, Manchester United, PSG have shown interest in Sergio Ramos. It is up to him where he finds comfortable. Moreover, it also depends upon the salary and contract duration. Because we all know Ramos left Real Madrid due to the dispute between Real Madrid president and the Spanish captain.

Sergio Ramos PSG
Sergio Ramos PSG

Ramos said in an interview that he asked for 2 years contract extension. But, there was only one year contract available. And, when he decided to accept the one year proposal there was no contract available. The Spanish captain broke down in tears in the press conference.

Possible Sergio Ramos Move To PSG

Ramos said, “I’m not joining Sevilla. At the moment, this is not even an option. Barcelona? Impossible. You’ll never see me at Barça. I don’t know which club I’m joining yet. When I’ll know. I’ll be the first to announce it. It’s not time to talk about my future.” Ramos didn’t said anything about Sergio Ramos possible move to PSG.

Ramos Linked Ton Premier League

Different premier league clubs are also interested in signing Sergio Ramos. Besides PSG, Manchester City, Manchester United have also shown interest to the Spaniard. Manchester City are financially capable of affording Sergio Ramos. Furthermore, Pep Guardiola seems keen on signing Ramos.

If the Spanish captain declines the proposal from Premier League clubs, then he will definitely join PSG. Because, other clubs are not state of offering the huge salary to Ramos.

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