Vinicius spoke to the media. Following are his responses to the questions.

Did you find it difficult to settle at Madrid to begin with, and how was your spell with Castilla?

All changes are big and a change like that was huge for me and my team. My whole world changed completely and people wanted to see a great player straight away – a boy that can’t be affected by anything. But I knew that all big changes need big sacrifices. I was prepared for that, to work in silence, to sacrifice myself without seeing big results straight away. It was very important to keep a cool head.

What do you have to improve with your game?

I’ve heard the boss say at times that he learned things until the last training session of his career. I have the same feeling. I’m sure that you can always improve everything. What I want is that I leave Valdebebas every day a bit better than when I arrived.

People speak about your goalscoring and your finishing – does it annoy you?

It doesn’t annoy me, not at all. I’m the first person to say that you can always improve everything. Always. Until the last day of my career, and that’s what I want to follow my whole life – convinced that I always have to improve! I’m the first person to say that. I became a professional football for that, for respecting my profession. Believing that I no longer have to improve something is lacking respect for my profession. I’m telling you now – it will never happen to me. I have to improve until the final day of my career.

Did you have any doubts when you weren’t in the team?

I didn’t have doubts. Everyone that comes to training thinks that we deserve a place. The boss is in a very difficult position. I can blame bad luck, other things, but I’m very demanding of myself. When I don’t play, I’m just thinking about working hard and showing that I have a place the next day. This is respecting football.

By Saket_Bastola

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