The Journey of Real Madrid in UCL from last 15 years 

Real Madrid were constantly losing the champions league. Since 2004/2005 season, Real Madrid were knocked out from RO 16 consecutively for 6 years.

2004/2005– Knocked out by Juventus in RO 16

2005/2006– Knocked out by Arsenal in RO 16

2006/2007– Knocked out by Bayern Munich in RO 16

2007/2008– Knocked out by AS Roma in RO 16

2008/2009– Knocked out by Liverpool in RO 16

Arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo
2009/2010– Knocked out by Lyon in RO 16

2010/11 -Real Madrid were knocked out by Barcelona in semi-final

2011/12 -Real Madrid were knocked out by Bayern Munich in semi-final

2012/13 – Real Madrid were knocked out by Borussia Dortmund in semi-final

Then Cristiano Ronaldo promises the fans that he will owe champions league for us.

Then later

2013/14 -Real Madrid won champions league beating Bayern Munich 5-0 on aggregate in semifinal and Atletico 4-1 in final

2014/15 knocked out in semifinal by Juventus

2015/16 won UCL beating Atletico in penalties

2016/17 Again won UCL beating Juventus 4-1 in final

2017/18 Won UCL beating Liverpool 3-1 in final

The Real Madrid era

There were many legendary players in helping Real Madrid for La Decima. Di Maria, Khedira, Ramos, Ronaldo, Casillas were in their prime.

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