Who’s been Real Madrid’s best player this season?

Real Madrid are crowned champions of Spain for the 34th times. The La liga got its champions as Real Madrid after 3 years when they last won it in 2016/17. Its their second league title under Captain Sergio Ramos and manager Zinedine Zidane. Real Madrid claimed the title with 1 match still remaining.

Real Madrid beats Villareal 2-1 and secured their league title. Karim Benzema with a lovely finish gave Real Madrid a early lead. He doubled the lead with the help of penalty awarded by the captain. Karim Benzema was seen overwhelming in the match against Villareal. Benzema’s brace against Villareal helped Real Madrid to secure their title.

Real Madrid’s player overall performances

Karim Benzema

Appearances 36
Goals 21
Assists 08
Minutes played 3082
Minutes per goal 147
Goal inside box 20/21
Goals outside box 1/21
Goals via header 2/21
Goals via left foot 4/21
Goals via right foot 14/21
Other goals 1/21
Penalty goals 5/21
Chances created 67
Key passes 59
Accurate passes 1090/86%
Shots on target 60/57%
Dribbles succeeded 37/55%
Big chances missed 16
Tackles succeeded 8/44%
Blocked shots 17
Clearances 28
Headed clearances 16
Interceptions 7
Errors led to goal 1

Sergio Ramos

Appearances 34
Goals 10
Assists 0
Minutes played 2968
Minutes per goal 297
Goals inside box 9/10
Goals outside box 1/20
Goals via header 2/10
Goals via left foot 0/10
Goals via right foot 8/10
Penalty goals 6/10
Free kick goals 1/10
Key passes 5
Chance created 5
Accurate passes 1910/91%
Shots on target 16/47%
Dribbles succeeded 11/85%
Big chances missed 4
Tackles succeeded 30/67%
Blocked shots 4
Cleared off the lines 2
Clearances 97
Headed clearance 52
Interceptions 48
Errors led to goal 2

Toni Kroos

Kroos during training

Goals 4
Assists 05
Minutes played 2622
Minutes per goal 656
Goal inside box 3/4
Goals outside box 1/4
Goals via header 0/4
Goals via left foot 1/4
Goals via right foot 3/4
Other goals 0
Penalty goals 0/4
Chances created 66
Key passes 61
Accurate passes 2154/94%
Shots on target 20/45%
Dribbles succeeded 30/86%
Big chances missed 1
Tackles succeeded 28/50%
Blocked shots 13
Accurate crosses 34/23%
Clearances 10
Headed clearances 7
Interceptions 23

Thibaut Courtois

Appearances 34
Clean Sheets 18
Minutes played 3060
Saves 76
Errors led to goal 1

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