Cristiano Ronaldo in Man United and Real Madrid jersey

Almost 550 goals in last 10 years. A decade of brilliance filled with humongous amount of individual and team honours . Celebrated so many moments of success with club and countries and yet after one loss . One final loss , that too a domestic super cup , after winning 12 consequitive finals. For those who have known or seen Cristiano Ronaldo all these years can tell what this picture clearly says ? This guy hates losing more than any person you could ever know . But yet once again , one loss and all those chants of “He’s finished” have now resurfaced again .

One domestic super cup loss and his adamant haters again came out in numbers . Also claiming “He’s done” , “Get over it , he’s finished” . “He made a mistake going to Juve” “Suicidal move from Ronaldo”. And countless notions like these being thrown around yet again . It doesn’t bothers us nor it bothers Cristiano for sure as well . He’s lived on that senseless hate for years. Also he has always made it a source of motivation to make a strong comeback . People out there who always waited for his downfall. They will tell you things that he’s finished. And all other stuff just after one defeat. But it is something we all have seen over the years. And all those statements have been put to rest by the man himself.

But Madridistas , who saw the greatness and journey of this man all these years , buying into the narrative of those people claiming “he’s finished” is what bothers me . Hasn’t Ronaldo proven this statement wrong again and again , time after time , in front of our very own eyes ? Then how come a Madridista can jump into the bandwagon of blind hatred driven people and buy the same narrative of him being finished ?

Time and time , again and again he proved the whole world wrong in front of our very own eyes . Yet again he’s been called ‘Finished’ like all these years but this time from people who loved him more than anything once , for the fanbase this guy fought so many wars for almost a decade , gave almost everything to that fanbase and their club , just to see them calling him done just because he changed the club which didn’t go down with a massive part of our fanbase. If Ronaldo was still in Madrid and had been going through this similar form , surely we won’t have ruled him out because we knew who he was and what he always does . But just because he changed clubs and took on a new challenge , his every failure gets mocked upon and our fanbase calls him an idiot for doing that ‘mistake’ .

Do you think that Ronaldo made that “New challenge” statement without any seriousness ? Or didn’t know how hard it would be in Italy ? He did . He must have thought 100 times before doing that . But Cristiano Ronaldo is all about taking on toughest of the challanges and conquering them , isn’t he ? He always knew what he was doing . It’s that challenging part , always pushing himself to next limits which made him the Cristiano we all know today . If he wanted it the easy way , he would have agreed a move to Barcelona back in 2009 itself . And we all know that was a bigger possibility that time than him being in Madrid yet he chose Madrid because he was always like this and he chose Juventus for same .

To do the unthinkable for the Bianconeri , to land a long awaited UCL in Turin . We know that task is next to impossible with a squad like Juventus . And who lives on the mediocre ideology of celebrating two domestic titles every season. And have no vision for next level of greatness . A eam filled with under experienced players who cannot do anything outside their comfort zone. And a manager who doesn’t even know what he has to do with this team . Ronaldo knows where he is and how tough it would be . But nothing of it will stop this guy from pushing for his promise and huge challenge he took .

Ruling out Cristiano Ronaldo is a proven mistake this world has done over and over and for years they have been proven wrong , which is gonna happen yet again this time . There will be a time when this man will hang his boots and calls it over or goes to a fuckall league in his last years left to statpad goals or something , but it’s not now . He’s still got a lot to offer , he still has that hunger for success and he will yet again rise on top putting every criticism to bed and to prove the notion of “The End of Ronaldo” wrong once again .

Some random cules who have been waiting for his downfall for years or some wannabe 15-16 year old Madridista or ‘Die Hard Madridistas’ as we say claiming he’s done , he’s nothing without Madrid , just to statpad few likes on social media , will all be proven wrong again . A poor bloke from slums of Madeira started writing the book of this golden and unbelievable journey and it will always be him who will write the last page of that book . Not you , not me or not some shite fanpages and wannabes on social media will decide his demise . He’s always proven the world wrong , he will do it once again because the words like finished and end always go out of the window when we talk about this guy and same will happen once again .

People have waited for his downfall for ages , he will make sure the wait keeps going on . He will rise yet again and will put every criticism to bed once and for all this time . He’s Cristiano Ronaldo and the history is the biggest witness , he has always came back stronger and he will do the same this time .

By Saket_Bastola

I am a content writer for this website . I am watching and analysing football since 2010 and the passion towards it led me to write on the current affairs happening on the footballing world. I am writing and creating the contents since 2017.